Grief Is Sneaky

I started this morning like many others. Good morning, Lord. What are we doing today? I thought I was being led to a study on the current topic God has been teaching me about – The Courts of Heaven. I began writing in my journal, starting at the beginning when God first made me aware … Continue reading Grief Is Sneaky

4 Ways To STAY Motivated Despite Life’s Ups & Downs

Recently, someone asked me how I do this…STAY motivated despite what life has thrown at me, before and ESPECIALLY during this time of shelter-in-place, curfews, social distancing, etc. If you listen to my podcast, The Skinny Girl Speaks, then you know that in August 2019 I was led by God into a season of preparation … Continue reading 4 Ways To STAY Motivated Despite Life’s Ups & Downs

Let Go of the Mask

We go through life adapting and masking ourselves at an attempt to fit in – and there are many reasons. But in the end, this results in distancing us from our true selves.