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As you read blogs, listen to podcast episodes and spend time with God, He will speak to you. Some of you may not realize it’s happening as it may seem like thoughts are just entering your mind. Trust me, it’s God. When this happens, you want to capture what He’s saying (downloading) because He will build on it as you continue to grow in your walk with Him.

This journal is the PERFECT place to jot impressions, scriptures, phrases, and much more. CLICK HERE to order your journal today!

This is the Message Jeremiah received from God: “God’s Message, the God of Israel:

Write everything I tell you in a book.‘”

Jeremiah 30:2

Grief Is Sneaky

I started this morning like many others. Good morning, Lord. What are we doing today? I thought I was being led to a study on the current topic God has been teaching me about – The Courts of Heaven. I began writing in my journal, starting at the beginning when God first made me aware … Continue reading Grief Is Sneaky

4 Ways To STAY Motivated Despite Life’s Ups & Downs

Recently, someone asked me how I do this…STAY motivated despite what life has thrown at me, before and ESPECIALLY during this time of shelter-in-place, curfews, social distancing, etc. If you listen to my podcast, The Skinny Girl Speaks, then you know that in August 2019 I was led by God into a season of preparation … Continue reading 4 Ways To STAY Motivated Despite Life’s Ups & Downs