I am an average woman with familiar challenges like many others. Daughter of the Most High, Widow, and Mom of one of the most amazing young women you’ll ever meet!

This roller coaster sitting atop the deep blue sea is the epitome of my life in God’s hands. It is filled with twists and turns, highs and lows – all on top of the widest and deepest expanse unknown. It is the story of my life and the full literary work is in the library of heaven. It was written before I even came to be me according to Psalms 139:16. I know that’s really waxing poetic but that is the truth! I decided that I love God so much and trust Him so I want to see what His plans are for me. While walking this out, I am getting to know Him better and subsequently myself better.

My life’s tagline is simple – “I had a plan for my life…God switched it up!”

The Skinny Girl Speaks gives you a front row seat as my story plays out in this life. My learnings, my reflections, all of it I intend to share as it happens. Welcome to my story.

Peace and Abundant Blessings!