Welcome…come on in!

Helloooo! I hope you find this blog to a place to grab a cup of joe or a spot of tea, a quiet corner to prop your feet up and settle in, and a comrade (me!) who gives you a peek behind the curtain as you walk with me down this road called Life with The Skinny Girl in the lead. This isn’t where you’ll hear about my┬átrials and tribulations concerning the latest dieting trends but rather, I’ll share with you how my life tour guide leads me to shed a variety of weights. I’m aiming to lighten my load through stripping off all the things my Father never created me to carry – not physically, not emotionally, not spiritually. When TheSkinnyGirlSpeaks, I’m actually listening to the Holy Spirit. He’s the voice behind The Skinny Girl. I hope you’re encouraged to begin listening to your own version of Skinny Girl, too.