The Skinny Girl Speaks Podcast

TSGS - Podcast

I’ve shared my story with quite a few people – both men and women. But it’s been the ladies, my sisters, my fellow female compadres, who have been impacted the most by my journey. I’m sure this is due by and large to their ability to see themselves in my shoes, doing what I’m doing. A comparative boosting, if you will. “If she can do it, so can I.” And that’s a good thing. So often we look at others and negatively belittle ourselves. We count ourselves out because we don’t feel like we measure up. We listen to the antagonizing little voice that says, “Who are YOU to think you can do this?” But when I share my life with someone and they’re prompted to do more, THAT’S a win/win!! I’ve sharpened someone, not caused them to feel little and insignificant. It’s what I’ve come to realize I was created for. That gives me life.

A few weeks ago, I was at dinner with a mentor/friend, bringing her up to speed on all that’s gong on in my life. I am impressed by and look up to her. So when she sat riveted and listened to me, I was inspired and shocked at the same time. Someone wants to listen to what I have to say?!? She proceeded to tell me that I need to reach more people with my story. Truth be told, I had heard this many times before but when she said it, it happened to be during my “Season of Yes”.


You see, I’ve said NO to so many things. Talked myself out of countless opportunities, experiences. Why? Because I was afraid. As I mentioned before, many of us often discourage ourselves from being great. No one is in our way but us! We let an often small voice talk us right out of big things. So during my time talking to God, I told Him that I was breaking up with fear. I’m done!! I’m gonna start saying Yes to opportunities. I want to see how far God will go if I give Him my Yes. And it’s what’s pushing me forward these days. It’s what fuels my courage and bravery…which I didn’t even know was within me.


After dinner that night, I went home and thought about it some more. I went to work the next day and asked a friend questions about a microphone, headsets, editing software, getting a jingle created, etc. Old habits die hard so I quickly recognized that this “research” was my slipping back into talking myself out of something great. This was classic Ingra Procrastination…lol! I downloaded the app right then. I knew I had to strike while the iron was, well not exactly hot but still relatively warm to the touch.  I recorded and published my first episode that same afternoon, “The Skinny Girl Speaks” podcast. And it felt amazing! You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Overcast, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic.


I’ll share about my life and all the invaluable things I’m learning and experiencing. Specifically, in the areas of my faith in Christ, grief, life transition and travel. I hope that as you listen, you are spurred to do more – even if it’s just a little. That’s a win for you. Then come back here to let me know what you think. Let me know if anything resonated with you. That’s a win for me.

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